We desire to build a playground in the heart of our city for the whole community to come play together. We are grateful for the Williamsport Area School District’s willingness to collaborate with us to target a strategic location that maximizes the community’s accessibility to what will become the area’s premier inclusive playground environment.




We are targeting the Stevens location because it serves as a strategic location in our community. Thousands of families live within walking distance of the Stevens Primary School campus. It is the most centrally located school in the region and less than 2 miles from downtown Williamsport and a short walk from the UPMC Susquehanna campus. More importantly, the school’s student population is representative of the rich ethnic and socioeconomic diversity found in our community. We believe the KIDS UNITED COMMUNITY PLAYGROUND will be a hub for the whole community to come together.


The Stevens Primary School campus has significant available land they’re willing to provide to help us create the KIDS UNITED COMMUNITY PLAYGROUND. With an expansive flat surface to build upon, we’re also able to minimize excavation costs. The Williamsport Area School District is also considering options to strengthen accessibility to the playground by creating an additional access road. Additionally, though the playground will be on district property, it will truly be a community playground, accessible to the community throughout the day.


The KIDS UNITED COMMUNITY PLAYGROUND is an investment in the quality of life in our community. We are building a playground we want our community to enjoy for generations! One of the strengths of a partnership with the Williamsport Area School District is their commitment to ensuring the quality of the playground. The district has the resources to serve the community by maintaining equipment and cleaning the park’s grounds, ensuring the longevity of what we hope will be a space for the community to play together for years to come.